Lets See About Putting Your
 Car Accident and
Social Security Together




  Your phenomenal car accident caused  injuries. Now, you ultimately have three "P's" starting your new needs: pains, problems and predicaments. When a powerful collision happens, you see doctors to help your pain and injury. You need to heal and to deal with the legal ways to live with these new problems. That is what an experienced lawyer generously does for you here. You have legal problems in Alabama around Tuscaloosa that you need to have taken care of.  Right now you need a doctor to get you better where the physical injuries hurt you. The injury is a place you need good breakthroughs for in both kinds of legal and insurance problems too.

    With a doctor, you try to find the most generous and best one you can. On the lawyer side after the collision, you need help now so you can replace lost income while you work on lost abilities through injuries. To find fairness now, the lawyer with you is looking for as  much insurance as can be reached that is legally possible. The laws must be used to cure your insurance problem that can help you to deal with the physical limits you have now.


    Often an insurance company must be made to help those with serious injuries. This lawyer goes to work early in  claims for you as powerful as can be found in the law. The car accident lawyer needs to do intense and invaluable case work for you. In this time, the lawyer like me follows and leads you to know and get payment whenever possible for  your doctors care for you. Beginning when  you can talk right after the injuries from the car accident, you need to discover who can help you to look for the money you need now and also later.  The lawyer works to make life better for you.


    This is Dennis Harmon - one of the lawyers who has helped people make a better life after they have had accidents, whenever this can be done. Doing this thirty years does give me a powerful advantage after learning proven techniques over all these many years.

    I have studied and continue to help people with bad permanent injuries that must stop working for a year or even forever when I help them  with Social Security disability. These days I go forward with as powerful a fight as I know how to, against the  insurance companies and the federal government when the injured person needed both. If these cases also involve your job, I will do this also as one joined fight for you or I will bring lawyer friends I  link together as a joint case by more than one. Here is the skilled approach so every issue on a case can be pushed together on all points for you.


    With your lawyer, I will work with you as we put together the tactics you need. The work on these honest-to-goodnesss cases is something I help with folks who can be overwhelmed on their own as they try to do medical and legal work. For most people, it's makes more sense for a person to work on healing up and pass the work of dealing with the insurance companies and fights over to a lawyer. If it's time to call a lawyer to help you, please call 205-342-3622or 800-748-9673. We can talk on the phone for free or you can come to the office for free so you can see who you are talking to. This is a standard free start to a case for the injured on all laws here. We need to talk to see what needs to be done. If you decide for us  to work for you, you keep your money as we begin work. I will spend the money to put the case together for you. You keep your money for your family and the doctors. You need your money at this stage for yourself,  I can handle this. We'll settle after I get money for you. So, call with your questions.


1.I join your case without you paying me anything to start work.

2. You talk to me for free and decide if you want a lawyer for  leading your claim and case for your injuries.

The first thing I told you to do is on the top. I've explained what you need to do now up top. Here it is again:

As you think about your car accident, plan on solving those three problems you need help with.  CalI  if I can help you with those problems.

The numbers are 205-342-3622 - hit the number up top. Go to the contact page here to email. Just get in touch with me for the work you need done now.

    If you still have questions, I'll give you more reading now by writing about car accident injury work with the lawyers. It might be educational for you to understand the work that insurance companies do for car accident cases.   


If you want to read more.  Here is information about how insurance companies work on the injured.

Without paying me anything,  you can call or come by the Columbus, Mississippi office.  Hit the number up top to call. I'll help answer any questions you need. We're here to help you get started.

If you need me to be your lawyer, you don't pay me to start and work. We share  if we win the money earned for you. I put up the work and the time. So, you don't need to worry about that either.

Call when we can help you.

Disclaimer: "No representation is made that the quality of legal service to be performed is greater than the legal services provided by other lawyers." and "Free background information available upon request."​

 Car Accident Turns into Car Insurance inTuscaloosa

Now we're going to talk about the car accidents in Tuscaloosa soon below but you must start with insurance  right now -  everything about insurance.  It is the car insurance from the other folks where your money is. If you don't start and end on everyone's car insurances, the other car's  insurance, the trucks small and huge insurances, motorcycle insurance, then you get little or nothing. Not your best.

My work is about the law.  Lawyers  at insurances  companies have set up the way to make the law work best for their own people.Think about it: how do they figure out how to limit money to you on your case? The insurance assistants are trying to match the car crash law and injuries in the best way for them. The other companies insurances first tries are only to pay you as little as possible. Your own insurance company can go all sorts of ways to minimize you and help  them. Folks on my side of this type of  work make the most money from the insurance for you that we can.

You may want to talk about the other folks who caused the problem but that's not who handles it. That's only part of whats going on. It's the insurance companies working  for them. You will not often get money directly from the person only.  Your insurance company may get some from them. You get paid by the insurance checks. Period.

The world today in Tuscaloosa as well as anybody in Alabama handles everything thru legal courts with the car insurance money almost every time. Even if the case is in court that is the insurance folk. The insurance company name is not on the files but that's where the defense and some of the sued folks can be.  Better than 99.5% in court settles this day without a trial. The insurance settles either a discussion itself with injured or the judges order us  to discuss  settlement - this almost always settles there if it hasn't already.  Even when there is a trial the injured wins, so help me this just starts the settlement discussion again.

These car insurance cases often require a lawyer to be there for you. The insurance companies have motivation to set up their advantages before this accident happened and are moving in to help themselves. Some of these advantages were created before you were born.

Your case and settlement is about getting the other persons insurance company to pay you the money. The law tells us how to show why the money should be paid.

If you have any questions about this - probably many - call me. The numbers are  205-342-3622.  You can call with any questions to ask  or come to talk me in person. If you want to come in to talk the address is: 422 Paul W Bryant Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 . Please make sure I'm in town when you come since I go to three offices, courts all the time and other projects so make sure you get in the right state and county but come.

Now for your next issues if you're ready for that.

Practice Areas

 I've been working on these together for years. Oddly enough, I even enjoy the work when folks are badly, badly hurt and need me for both things at the same time. These are people I can work and help these folks - you perhaps, call me. We can make your car accident injuries and Social Security come together for you when you're badly hurt.

     Now I can do both car accidents and Social Security. Most times I do both parts which helps putting things together. I have sometimes taken the Social Security because the folks had a car accident lawyer who didn't keep up with Social Security. Sometimes the first guy can't do car accidents but has opened the car case. That's cool. Confusing but I'll help whatever folks need.   

    You can start car accident and Social Security about the same time. If you're going to be out of action because of a car crash and injury that's really long - lets say six months or more - we need to move on Social Security.

     To get Social Security you have to be down longer than six months - a year actually - to win but not every really bad injury heals for back to work in six months. For a really bad injury anywhere on your body ask for Social Security. That case is going to take at least a year and a half to do anyway so you need to get in line for this money if your problems are worse than folks tell you right now.

     That's also my idea on the car case and the injury there. Don't settle really fast without something odd and exceptional for now. An insurance will generally want an early payment in a serious case. Why? Because they want to pay as little as possible until the the full care by the doctor will not decide what it will take for you to heal completely. The insurance wants fast so everything wrong can be passed by. Hold on. Sit tight. Wait. Look over your injuries.

     That's the short look. With the facts call me any time and I'll see what I can do. If you already have a lawyer, call them if they represent you on the case. Changing is generally not good. But if there is no lawyer and you're in the middle of a bunch of federal and state lawyers, might want to call me

Car Accidents Can Sometimes Cause you to Need SSI Disability for Unexpected Long Term Injuries