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Attorney History for Car Accident Lawyer

  • Born in Birmingham ( Inglenook to be precise )
  • Mechanical Engineering, Auburn, 1975
  • Alabama Power when going to school at Auburn
  • Debate Coach at Ole Miss 1975-1976
  • Engineering design, power system for Bacho ( Sweden) and others, 1976-1981
  • Law School, Ole Miss, 1985

Just so you understand at the beginning, I don't really approach law like most folks.

 In 1981, I was a mechanical engineer in Atlanta when the economy went bad. The company I worked for closed its American operations and went back home to Sweden. So, I was in Atlanta with no job, no clear prospects for a job and needing a lawyer to get the money I was owed by my former company. Luckily I found a good lawyer who got my money a couple of years later when I really needed it to finish law school at Ole Miss. That was great but it was the beginning that bothered me. I had to pay $500 to start the case. That was money I really couldn't spare when I was out of work but had no choice because I needed him to get the money I was owed. So, I have been where you are now and I have no problem starting your case without you paying me a dime. We can settle later if I win it for you like I say on page one.

 I also started differently than other lawyers - I mean further back than working as a design engineer. I wear coats and ties today because that's the uniform but I started out on the wrong side of the tracks - literally, the L&N Railroad's yard was at the foot of the hill in Inglenook. The Birmingham Airport was on the other side of the hill. Alabama Byproducts, a plant that converted coal to coke for the steel mills was within close smelling distance down the road. Bama Food's plant was in the other direction. The Stockham Valve foundry was nearby. Inglenook was a place with lots of plants and work nearby but not quite the place for the country club set. I suspect it is a place more like the place my clients grew up than my fellow lawyers although I could be mistaken, I guess. You can let me know.

So, don't come to me expecting the silk stocking lawyer. I'm a bit different. Probably more like the folks I work for than I seem to be at first glance. If after you have been warned you think I can help, call me at
205-342-3622 email me at or use any of the other ways to get to me provided below.